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The Johnson County Library Foundation’s yearly awards ceremony needed an anthem. Enter our friends at Scenic Road. They kindly lent their talents to our cause, building on my concept and script to produce a heartfelt introduction to the night’s festivities.


Make Your Cake and Eat It, Too


[Editor’s note: As written for Johnson County Library’s Spring 2016 print publication]

Like many kids growing up, Aaron Attebery’s imagination found an outlet in Legos. Unlike a lot of kids, the Kingdom City, Mo., native also built his own go-kart using the family welder.

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The Future of Johnson County Library

Twenty years ago I was a baby-faced bibliophile gorging on books at my local Johnson County Library. Little did I know that I would later help craft communication for the system’s pivotal* master plan. It peers 20 years into the future and outlines a strategy for the Library to evolve right along with its community. As one piece of the plan, I illustrated the Library’s impact, its ROI and the need for a renewed investment.

*Spoiler: It passed!


The Music Streamer’s Bill of Rights


The year was 2009. Sean Parker, already five years into his ground floor investment in Facebook, felt the itch to strike gold yet again. He fired off a 400-word love note to the founders of Spotify, a Swedish streaming music startup, gushing about the software’s user experience. He crowned it the next evolution of his founding claim to fame, Napster. Little more than a year later, he sat confidently on stage at The Daily Beast’s Innovators Summit as a Spotify board member and opined on the company’s strategy for tapping a relatively untapped American market.

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